Social media marketing is, certainly, a dynamic medium. Whether it’s keeping tap of new developments in social media, like new social media features or new algorithms, or whether it’s updating your knowledge on new social media strategies and emerging statistics and data, digital marketers and business owners need to constantly keep themselves updated and educated about it.

By reading the best blogs and news sources religiously is the only best way to do this. In this blog, I am going to share top 5 (Five) Social media blogs that you can follow to keep yourself updated.


Tip: you can subscribe to multiple social media and digital marketing blogs to check them whenever you are free to read.  All you need is an RSS reader like Feedly and either your laptop, your smartphone or tablet.


#1 Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is known and popular for its valuable content on social media marketing blogs in the world. It has a collection of blog posts written by social media specialists who contribute regularly. This is helpful to beginners and experts alike for social media marketing strategies.

Frequency: They usually publish daily.


#2 Convince and Convert

Another top blog is to Convince and Convert. It is a content marketing blog and one the most popular in its kind. It also hosts some of the best content on social media marketing. Their content regularly published with the focus on values like how-to guides, useful tools, useful tips, opinion pieces and case studies. Their articles are usually about very specific topics that require some existing knowledge and experience with social media, but there is no doubt that a beginner can learn a lot from this blog.

Frequency: Though their frequency is not regular, but social media articles usually come at least weekly.


#3 Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is the creation of social media expert Donna Moritz. It's an SMM (Social Media Marketing) blog that has maintained its position in “top 10 social media blogs by Social Media Examiner” consistently 3 years in a row. Most of the content on the blog is written by Donna Moritz herself. You can learn about different tools that you can use as part of your social media content strategy and how to create amazing social media content.

Frequency: Once e a week.


#4 Social Media Today

Next in our list that you should bookmark is Social Media Today. This blog is an extraordinary library of social media marketing content. The blog has a huge network of regular contributors. It’s a great source of social media marketing content because that they’re constantly reporting on the latest news and developments in social media to keep you updated of the latest features, algorithms and releases that you should know about when planning your social media strategy.

Frequency: They usually publish several times a day.


#5 Social Media Lab, by Agorapulse

The Social Media Lab is an SMM (Social Media Marketing) blog by social media management tool Agorapulse. That’s all about case studies, experiments, and creating various interesting experiments for all major social networks. Mostly, they cover popular and lesser-known social media strategies, as well as social media myths and rumours and test them for an extended period of time in order to find out whether they actually work or not.

You can go through their experiments easily by selecting the social network you’re interested in or whether you’re interested in organic versus paid strategies. You can not only learn just finding out which strategies work and which don’t, but also understanding how to create such types of tests from these experiments. You can also learn new strategies that you might not know about.

Do you prefer listening to podcasts? You can listen to their experiments and findings via iTunes, Google Play and other popular podcasting platforms.

Frequency: They post new content weekly, or a few times a month.



Digital marketing in general – and social media in particular – requires constant learning and self-development. It’s not just about keeping up to date with news such changes to the Facebook algorithm or new forms of social media content, but also about knowing what tools you should use, what strategies perform best and what digital marketing trends you need to know about.

Ideally, subscribe to several top social media marketing blogs and read them regularly – knowledge is one of the best tools you have at your disposal to help you grow and evolve.


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